Calls to Actions in Persuasive Arguments by Students of the Electric Word: Second Year Composition

William David argues in favor of renewable energy in “Is Renewable Energy Our Future?”: “Even though there are disadvantages in renewable energy, electrical engineers need to help make renewable energy the new main source of energy.”

In “Will You Switch to a Mediterranean Diet,” Karen Van recommends changing our American diet for a healthier one: “From the reduction in diseases to improvement in mood, it seems like a Mediterranean diet is the way to go. I think, if it were possible, America would just stop the production of all processed foods. A larger population of people would be much more healthier. However, I highly doubt that will happen, so the second best thing would be for Americans to choose to switch over to a Mediterranean diet.”

Christine Reyes suggests in “The Most Populous Nation in the World” that China change its one-child policy: “Although there have been many changes to the One-child policy to prevent the current negative effects, the process to fix the population will most likely take a long time. The Chinese government should promote family planning and the use of contraceptives like India and United States, instead of continuing the One-child policy.”

Dee Nacnac argues in “OMG FDA!?” that the FDA needs to change its procedure for approving drugs: “Although the FDA already conducts research in certain substances to evaluate each one in an effort to prevent fraudelent or harmful substances, the FDA should implement a requirement of five years of research and testing prior to a company submitting a proposal for a mandatory approval from the FDA by vote which shall result in the companies’ registration with the FDA in agreement to allow open inspection in order to prove innocence in disclosure.”

Cindy Kim in “The Necessity for Nurses to Study Psychology,” writes, “Although some nurses think they don’t need to study psychology because psychology is not their main subject, nurses should take at least one psychology class for the well-being of patients and themselves.”

Julie Kim suggests alternatives to spanking in “Will Spanking Make a Difference?”: “Parents should consider the numerous alternatives that can be accounted for instead of resolving to corporal punishment. Therefore, parents are able to use these effective methods, and still be able to establish a good relationship with their son or daughter.”

In “To Alleviate Childhood Poverty, Congress Should Raise the Minimum Wage,” Oksana Samokish argues in favor of raising the minimum wage to help children in their development: “While some economists feel raising the minimum wage would lead to higher unemployment, Congress should nevertheless pass legislation that raises the minimum wage in order to help children living in poverty.”

Kristina Garcia asks readers in “Introducing You to a Sex Education Reform” to contact congress in order to encourage them to pass AB 329, a bill that will improve sex education: “I want you all, my classmates and readers of my blog, to support that bill AB 329 is passed because it will review and update the current sexual health education curriculum that is provided to kids in schools to reflect the advances in age-appropriate sexual health instruction, including healthy relationships and dating violence as well as rape and rape culture. If we were to change the information being taught in sex education classes, we could potentially decrease rates of sexual violence and unplanned pregnancies, and give our future generation objective, credible information.”


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