Posts by Students Scholars on Hip Hop, TV, Acting, and Japanese Culture

Langston Hill in The Ingredients of Japanese Culture makes recommendations of blogs related to certain elements of Japanese culture. He writes, “During my research, I collected have a list of blog recommendations in specific categories I’d like to share with you. Each blog I’m going to share with you focuses on specific points in the Japanese culture. They all have a variety of different topics they discuss. It ranges from the food to the culture of Japan.”

In a review called Stanislavksy’s My Life in Art: Yay or Nay?, Regina Leon argues, “Ultimately, I recommend this book for people who want to learn the ordinary life of a man who changed the world of acting. You’ll learn that your experiences should never be taken for granted. All of your experiences, like Stanislavsky’s are important.”

According to Nick Fitzgerald in Franchising a Series, “In the end, regardless of how many methods to success may exist, ‘franchising’ a series” seems to be an incredibly effective method that should be granted much attention and exploration.

Kasey Pham writes in The BBoy World of Inphamy, “I’ve asked many renowned bboys how to improve, and they’ve all told me the same thing, ‘put yourself out there.’ Even though I’m still not ‘famous,’ I won’t let that stop me from hitting up the circles. With every practice session, every jam, every battle, I will bring my all into the cypher and leave my mark to the best of my ability. No longer will I stand on the sidelines. If I can’t be famous, then I’ll just be InPhamous.”


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