Posts by Student Scholars on Business and Accounting

In My Primary Source and Who I Worship For Corporate Event Planning, Emily Abel writes about Colin Cowie, an event planner. Abel writes, “Cowie shows us many examples of event that he has planned and makes sure he covers all the bases to make sure you trust him to the fullest capacity. He speaks of different branches of each event including: food and beverage, service, and design. With all of these aspects he also includes amazing images of the events he has achieved in planning in the past.”

Jackie Guan writes about The Life of an Accountant: “As I became more interested in accounting, I began to wonder what their daily life is as an accountant. To obtain this information I interviewed Joe, a Senior associate, Assurance- Consumer Industrial Products from PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the Big Four accounting firms. I found his background very fascinating.”

In Ban of the Drones, Mehdi Laraqui argues that the ban on drones in Morocco for personal use hampers the ability of a photographer to use the latest technology: “drones can be used for photography and take amazing shots, this kind of photography is called aerial photography; and it wouldn’t be possible to do such photography without a drone of a remote controlled flying object. Taking your camera to the sky and shooting pictures that you can’t even see with you eyes is an amazing experience that I had the chance to live.”


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