Posts on Hospitality and Tourism Management, Environmental Studies, and Health

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Sophia Wirtz in Finding the Best Hotel for You writes, “Most people research their hotel before booking it – or at least, hire someone to do so. This is for good reason. Nothing ruins a vacation quite like a hair in the tub or having your booking canceled. It is especially important to research your hotel if it is in a foreign country. You can’t imagine the stress of something going wrong with your hotel in a country where you don’t speak the language.”

Environmental Studies

In Immigration: Does It Really Cause Overpopulation?, Christine Reyes addresses this important question by writing, “The only thing immigration does is make an area more dense. Now this it has its own negative effects. These effects includes higher cost of living, causes habitat destruction and it limits personal freedom. But once again it does not cause overpopulation. Although immigration does not contribute to overpopulation, it still should be avoided because the results it will have on the environment is almost the same except more extreme because the area will be heavily populated.”

Environmental Studies and Health

“The goal of this post is to debunk some myths regarding veganism,” writes Abi Black in her post Debunked! Those assumptions are exposed in common questions people ask vegans, such as “You’re vegan, right? How come you’re so wired all the time?”, Where do you get your protein from?!”, “And what about your calcium?”


Krisel Rova explains in a recent post that lack of willpower is not the only cause of obesity. Marketing also influences the dietary choices of consumers. She argues, “Huge non- utritional companies could be controlling nutritional facts being released to the public in order to save their companies profit or in a way that will benefit their company. In controlling nutritional facts released to the public, the non-nutritional companies also get to save the  consumers they would have lost when the public  finds out how their product actually ruin them to an extent they never thought it would.”


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