Blog Posts by Student Scholars in Child Development and Psychology

According to Louis Pegross in his post Youth in Violent Culture, “In a perfect world violence wouldn’t be a problem or something that needs to be discussed. However, since it is we need everyones thought and experience in order teach the youth to come. Teaching them about violence is just another way to show them what is right and wrong. Also there is a violent culture and not one is safe, not even ignorance can save people.”

In “Whose Theories?”, Julie Kim explains, “There are many theories on the different stages of cognitive growth. I believe that learning about these stages and taking on different perspectives will help one appreciate how children develop and . . . gain knowledge and understanding.”

Oksana Samokish explores different theories of child development in her post Theoretical Lenses Used in Researching Socioeconomics and Human Development. She writes, “Recently, I explored opposing perspectives on child poverty within the U.S. political frame . . . I decided to look into the ways in which empirical research and data are collected with regard to the ways socio-economics affect on child behavior. What I discovered was three different theoretical perspectives used for conducting and analyzing research on this topic.”

Kristina Garcia in College? describes her research into the question of “how low income children do when attending college.” Her goal is “to inspire low income children to go to college if that is what they want.


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