Posts about Medicine and Science from Student Blogs

William David in his post Respected Engineering Organizations, writes. “Engineers should always be searching ways to better improve their craft in whatever field of engineering they choose to be a part of. These organizations that I mention could help any engineer looking for a society to join to help better themselves and to learn from one another. These organizations help bring the best out of engineers and if you are looking to join and learn, you should learn from the best. And these organizations do not disappoint.”

According to Malia Mulin in her post Athletic Training vs. Physical Therapy, “There has always been tension between athletic training and physical therapy. Many people look at them as the same thing, and others could argue otherwise. Some think that the difference in both is just that athletic training is for athletes and physical therapy is not, but there is much more to it. However, either way the conversation is necessary because the distinction between the two is important if you want to be in the field, are looking for treatment or just wanting to know how to acknowledge either occupation.”

In Which Health Insurance Plan Will You Invest In?, Dee offers useful warnings about insurance companies: “The power these health insurance companies have and the money they receive from all they employees and clients affect their rhetorical strategies because this is how insurance companies make their money, this is how you will receive the care that you need. So when choosing health insurance keep in mind that there will never be a perfect health plan, especially not in a country where these isn’t universal health care, but each type balances differently depending on its benefits, restrictions and on your financial budget.”

Karen Van poses important questions about high cholesterol in her post High Cholesterol Might Not Kill You: “From the numerous articles that clearly show that high cholesterol does not have a large contribution to heart disease, why do so many medical websites stress that high cholesterol is one of the largest factors in heart disease? Between the information posted on credible medical websites such as Mayo Clinic or Webmd, versus the opinions/ideas of medical professionals about how high cholesterol is not even that big of a deal in relations to heart disease, who should we believe?”

In her post Is It Ethically Right for Nurses to Force Patients?, Cindy Kim addresses an important controversy in the medical field. She writes, “Based on registered nurse Debra Wood’s Can a Nurse Be Forced to Force-feed a Patient? The Guantanamo Bay Case, the controversy on the psychology relation to nursing is the ‘ethical dilemma”’that nurses undergo when told to force-feed or perform another procedure which is deemed a treatment to help the patient.”


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