Student Blogs for The Electric Word: Second Year Composition at San Francisco State University

Hip Hop

Kasey Pham’s blog District Cypher is “a blog meant to show the heart and soul of a cypher. As we examine many different dancers, we can see their attitude towards the dance and another dancer’s response. We will also be examining after the cypher to see what new bonds were made. The goal of this blog is to attract any that it may interest and hopefully create a more unified bboy community within the Bay Area, perhaps even the world.”

Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts

In his blog TV with Nick, Nick Fitzgerald writes, “I enjoy movies and all varieties of film, however television shows seem to hold the greatest interest in my eyes. I am currently attending college for the pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Cinema and Television Production (at a school that shall remain unnamed for personal reasons). I plan on using this blog to explore the amazing elements that make up a good television show.”


Regina Leon’s blog Stanislavsky and Friends is “meant to guide you through the wonderful history of acting + its techniques. Yes, you are correct–this blog will be centered on the world of drama, but the techniques I will be talking about can easily be applied to life. Like a brilliant man once said, “Growth as an actor and growth as human being are synonymous.” I will be responding to, challenging, and questioning ideas that revolve around the art of acting.”

Travel and Hospitality

Sophia Wirtz writes in her blog Wanderlust in Europe, “I am currently a student at SFSU. I am majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management in hopes of one day managing a hotel. With this major and intended career path, I hope to travel a lot, especially in Europe. The objective of my blog is to explore the idea of traveling in Europe. Through this blog, I would like to learn about the different cultures in Europe and what are the best ways to travel there.”


Langston Hill’s blog Kanji Culture is “about Japan and everything in it! Everything from the Language to the Culture! I will give information about the language and compare it to English! I will do the same with the Culture and Art of Japan. I feel like it’s important for people to know the differences between Japan and America. Peaking into another cultures mind can be an eye opening experience! It was for me, and I would like to share that with everyone.”

Business and Accounting

Emily Abel’s blog Bringing Sass and Class to the Business World is “the start of me discovering what I want to be when I grow up. Originally I went into college wanting to be a physical therapist, but changed my mind when I took a recreational, parks, and tourism class and decided I wanted to plan events. This blog will be about me discovering what it takes, and what its like to be an event planner for businesses and corporations.”

Mehdi Laraqui’s writes in his blog Photograph Import that “the main purpose of this blog is to look forward into the two subjects that interest me the most, International Business and photograph, and to combine them. While studying at the university, I would like to get as much information as I can about my topic which is, importing photography accessories into Morocco. I will try to put all the regulations about the subjects and also try to rate and talk about the latest photography accessories.”

Jacky Guan explains in his blog Just Accounting 101, “The schools I attended in SF made me love math and numbers.  I solved any math problems that people couldn’t solve. Working with numbers was one of the things I loved to do. Now in college, my desire is to major in accounting. In this blog, I will tell you the lifestyle of an accountant,  the opportunities, and other information.”

According to Rachel in her blog Unnoticed Brand: How Marketing Affects People’s Minds, she was inspired to “open a blog and post something that related to the major, possible major or potential career that has enough interest and complication to research and write about for an entire semester. The blog will related to  my current major marketing and hope you guys will like it.”

Nutrition and Environmental Studies

In Skinny Pig Krisel, Krisel Rova explains, “For this blog I’ll be posting mainly upon the topic of obesity and its correlation with nutrition. In covering this topic I hope to prevent many from reaching the stages of obesity or help decrease the rate of obesity. I want to use this blog as an advocacy for people into inheriting healthy and fit lifestyles. On the sidelines I also hope to share my journey into becoming healthy and some educational facts on nutrition.”

In her blog Sustainable Sources, Abi Black writes, “Welcome to a page about health, lifestyle choices, environmental activism, animal rights, and other political matters. Here, you can find information about how your diet affects the environment and all related matters.”

Christine Reyes explains in her blog Overpopulation in Urban Areas, “I am an Environmental Studies major with a concentration on Natural Resource Management and Concentration in San Francisco State University. My goal is to inform people of the effects of overpopulation in urban areas and how to improve the issues that comes along with it. I hope that everyone will take the time to familiarize themselves with this issue because it concerns all of us.”

Psychology and Child Development

In his blog Motivated Minds, Louis Pegross writes, “In my life I have meet some unforgettable people that have travel the world or traveling now. People who have change the live of our youth for the better or even have someone who have complete change their view for the better. Now everyone is different and in term of experience and goal, and I want to learn why. Why are people minds so different? Through studying Psychology I hope to find out. I want to understand people so I myself can become a better person.”

In her blog In the Mind of a Child, Kristina Garcia writes, “I’ve now decided that I want to look into a career dealing with children, which brings me to the reason behind this blog. This blog will be about me basically figuring out what the heck I want to do with my future and career. Hope you enjoy!”

Oksana Samokish writes in The Growing Child Within a Stratified Society, “I am no stranger to social media and expressing ideas, opinions, and feelings. However, having a blog dedicated to researching and using credible sources to explore and discuss the increasing social gap within the American society and how the gap affects children and our future generations is not only an important discussion to have but a necessary one in my eyes.”

In Growing Up: The Cognitive Stages of Children’s Early Development, Julie Kim explains, “There are many theories on the different stages of cognitive growth. I believe that learning about these stages and taking on different perspectives will help one appreciate how children develop and will gain knowledge and understanding.”

Medicine and Kinesiology

In her blog A Hearty Welcome to All: Psychology in Relation to Nursing, Cindy Kim explains that her purpose is “to create relationships through comfort of the mind. Growing up I visited the hospital several times due to injuries, so I know how scary it can get to see nurses and doctors who are essentially strangers. Therefore, I am here to share my discoveries of how a nurse is able to use psychology to let patients feel at ease, like how they did for me. In fact, psychology in nursing can actually be made to be be beneficial for relieving the nurse, the patient and the patients family so get comfortable and enjoy!”

The purpose of Karen Van’s blog Bury the Heart is to “learn and explore a very small section of the medical world that could be beneficial to my future. This blog will be about the effects that Cardiovascular Disease has on the human heart. I hope this blog will create awareness about the problems that your heart faces if not taken care of properly.”

In her blog Healing without Medication, Deeshane Nacnac writes, “I am just a regular young lady trying to indulge in the subject of healing without medication. For years, millions of american citizens fail to acknowledge the fact that the government owns the businesses that produce medicinal drugs and manipulate the employees -in this case, doctors and nurses- that work for the HMO’s, which the government also owns, to push their patients into purchasing and religiously taking additional or unnecessary meds and or procedures. Since acquiring this knowledge about the government we live under, I have then found interest in manifesting the truth and benefits to healing and medical help without the use of unnecessary drugs, surgeries or procedures.”

In Training with Lia: A Journey into the World of Kinesiology, Malia Mulin writes, “I will be showing credible insights about Athletic Training as well as expressing personal interests towards Athletic Training as well.  I’ve come a long way and I just wanna show my progress and spread the love!”

Electrical Engineering

In William David’s blog Keep Calm and Electrical Engineering, he “will be discussing what goes on in the life of an engineer and what they do in a day-to-day basis. This blog will also be discussing about what engineers deal with and the type of work they do. This blog is mainly about any engineer but will lean mostly towards electrical engineers.”


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